You Need to Meet -- Safely

OSI -- the Safer Meeting Space

The country is in the process of opening up needed commercial and personal activities, while reducing the possibilities of virus transmission to the extent feasible. Accordingly, OSI has put in place a number of safeguards, as a part of its best efforts to serve both goals. These include the following. 

Each office has an UVC light, of a sort designed quickly to disable viruses of the Covid-19 type, whether in the air or on a surface. This is used between appointments and in the evening to help sterilize the office.     

Each office is equipped with an HEPA air purifier with an internal UVC light for air disinfection.  

Our building operator provides enhanced daily cleaning building infrastructure and offices, including  ‘high touch points” ( for example door  handles, elevator buttons, desktops in on- demand offices, etc).    

The air in the building is recycled every 24 hours.

We have hands free faucets in the restrooms.

Face masks are required in all public spaces.

Within the suite, there is a kiosk check-in station, so that checking in for a meeting  appointment  can be made without human contact.

We request and enforce “Social Distance” seating.

Our appointment system is programmed to have a 30 minute buffer time between appointments. During this buffer the room is sterilized with UVC light.

And, of course, all clients are prohibited from coming to the office if they have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus and have not successfully completed a treatment protocol, and prohibited from inviting to the office any other person who has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus and has not successfully completed a treatment protocol.

Please also note that until further notice no more than ten persons can be invited to use our conference room, 

For more information, you can see these  notes as to the use of air filters and ultraviolet radiation. 

  1.  Ultraviolet radiation can be very effective in disabling viruses, including corona viruses.  Hospitals and laboratories often use germicidal UV light to sterilize unoccupied rooms, as well as other equipment. In our setting, conventional UVC lamps can be used only when an office is vacant, as in the evening or between appointments.  (You should not use a conventional  ultraviolet lamp directly on your skin or face.)  
  1. Work is now proceeding to adapt a particular subset of ultraviolet frequencies, colloquially known as far-UV, to be usable directly on humans, while disrupting viruses and microbes. When that technology clears FDA and environmental reviews, we anticipate incorporating it in our suite installations. See 
  1. (The consensus seems to be that these filters are tight enough to catch virus particles if they are in ambient air, and thus might be of supplementary value.  Even so, handwashing and face coverings remain the  recommended, primary and most directly effective  actions. )